Post Season 3
Season 6, Episode 3
Written by Mgc26133
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Stolen Moments
Merchants of Death

Who Am I is the third episode in Season 6, and 113th overall.


In her new state, Elena doesn't know who she can trust, despite Jeremy's efforts to remind her of her family. After Inari gets too close to her goal, Bonnie makes a plan with Tyler to fight her off. Caroline expresses no interest in seeing Elena anytime soon, but her friends do not appreciate it. After finding out from Damon about Raven's loss, Sheriff Forbes orders detaining certain people, which causes chaos among the residents. Finally Inari sets a dangerous plan in motion after finding out what the gang is up to, and Elena insists on something everyone thinks is dangerous.



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  • It is revealed that Inari has a weakness for hybrid/werewolf bite.

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