Post Season 3
Season 6, Episode 7
Written by Mgc26133
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The Fight that Never Ends
Ebb and Flow

When a Friend Calls is the seventh episode in Season 6 and 117th overall.


When Misao's new attempt at reaching out to Bonnie gives a result, Bonnie and the gang are faced with a difficult decision to make. Elena's encounter with Klaus leads Tatia to witnessing a side of him that she so far remained oblivious to. In an effort to make faster progress, June takes matters into her own hands and attempts something dangerous. Meanwhile Caroline receives a tip that Gwen is still in town and searches for her, but her behavior leads Damon to thinking something's awfully wrong with her. Misao sets out to fulfill an old promise, but things don't go as planned. Finally, June delivers some game changing news. Stefan also appears.



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  • This is the second time Misao resorts to the "memory of the walls" spell, a unique ability that no other kitsune or witch has shown. First time she did it was in Ice Lake, the 100th episode of the series.

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