Post Season 3
Season 6, Episode 9
Written by Mgc26133
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Ebb and Flow
The Point of No Return

Through the Looking Glass is the ninth episode in Season 6 and 119th overall.


After a successful contact with Misao, the gang finds out a disturbing truth about Inari. Caroline finds a loophole in her containment spell, and compels her mother to help set her free. As Bonnie's locator spells are somehow rendered useless, they split up, each with their own tasks. With Carol's help, Stefan and Damon manage to locate Caroline and Liz, but are forced to engage in a fierce battle. Back in Dark Dimension, Klaus sets a plan in motion to ensure his return to Mystic Falls.



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Trivia & NotesEdit

  • Long distance compulsion was last used by Damon in the Season One episode You're Undead to Me.
  • The vampire desiccation spell was last used by Bonnie against Klaus in the Season Three episode Before Sunset.
  • This is the third time Klaus possesses someone else's body. It was mentioned by Elijah that it is "one of his favorite tricks". First two were Alaric Saltzman and Tyler Lockwood.

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