Post Season 3
Season 6, Episode 6
Written by Mgc26133
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When a Friend Calls

The Fight that Never Ends is the sixth episode in Season 6 and 116th overall.


After escaping to the Dark Dimension, Elena tries to find Tatia for help, but is surprised to find out about her new allegiance. Having hard time to believe Misao's honesty, their conversation leads to Misao revealing her true agenda of changing sides. Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, Gwen finds a place to stay and continues her own research. Finally Inari seeks help from the gang to bring Elena back, but the confrontation quickly leads to violence.



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  • Matt Donovan returns to main cast in this episode.
  • Jackie Prucha makes her second appearance in The Vampire Diaries. She first appeared in season 2 episode Masquerade.
  • Vanessa Monroe is mentioned twice in this episode. She was talking to Gwen on the phone, but she remained unseen and unheard.

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