Stefan's Diaries
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by Mgc26133
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A Leap of Faith

Extinct is the 1st episode of Season 1.


After a peaceful decade without vampires, Mystic Falls is shaken by the brutal murders of a teenage couple. April Young, a Mystic Falls based private investigator, is tasked with finding whether the death occurred by natural or supernatural means, and the investigation leads into a horrifying discovery. Meanwhile the culprit, Stefan Salvatore, a vampire with a drinking problem who recently found freedom, wreaks havoc under the illusion that he is still not free. However, when the truth sinks in, he sets off to see his loved ones, but instead encounters a dangerous foe who has some devastating news for him.





Main CharactersEdit

Guest StarringEdit

Trivia & NotesEdit

  • The series starts 12 years after The Vampire Diaries Season Four finale, Graduation.
  • April Young's actress is recast to reflect the time jump.

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