Elemental Witches

Extant; (unbeknownst to most)


Post Season 3


Created by nature

If all of the witches on Earth died, and 1 witch harnessed all of their powers, that would be the exact power of 1 elemental witch.
Graham White, about Elemental Witches

Elemental Witches are the first witches that have existed on our planet, even long before the first humans. It is said that they were created by nature to control the elements and create a peaceful nature, so that the mankind can live on Earth.

There were four elemental witches, one for each element. The River Witch was responsible for water, the Fire Witch was responsible for fire, the Air Witch was responsible for the atmosphere, and the Earth Witch was responsible for the habitat. Each elemental witch existed within their elements, and took power from them.

There are 4 Elemental Witches:

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