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Ariadne is an upcoming recurring character who has some supernatural significance and shares a past with Silas as either a member of his Cult or someone who was once brainwashed by him in the past on the Nova Soctian island.

Ariadne is described as a sweet-but-sassy young but more mature than you would think kind of woman who is very dangerous when provoked.

Early HistoryEdit

Ariadne was born somewhere in the Old World and is an orphan who lost one of her brothers to a horrific tragedy. Due to the tragedy of her past, her family has broken apart and Ariadne has developed a guarded persona and is untrusting of everyone except her "closest friends" whom are powerful members of an ancient community of count-like people.

During recent days, Ariadne comes to Mystic Falls in search of a member of her broken family and is desperate to come face-to-face with him. Her devotion sets on the same road as Katherine, and they become nemesis.

Throughout Stefan's DiariesEdit


Physical AppearanceEdit



Ariadne is an Greek name "Ἀριάδνη" and Latin: Ariadne; "most holy", Cretan Greek αρι [ari] "most" and αδνος [adnos] "holy".


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