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April Young is the female lead of the Stefan's Diaries spin-off series. Crossing over from The Vampire Diaries, April is a young woman who lost her father at age sixteen, and now she's seeking those who are responsible for the murder, specifically Silas, who is also responsible for a lot of other murders.

Character HistoryEdit

After finding out about Silas and his actions, April started a detective agency which she has been running for almost ten years. She usually took odd cases which might be of a supernatural cause, hoping she could get a lead towards Silas. Despite her goal, she also occasionally took regular cases, because as she put it "something's gotta pay the bills". Due to her job, in time she developed certain skills like tracking, using firearms, intuition, initiative, and first aid; as well as heavy combat training from Rebekah before she was killed.

One of the cases she took led her to a woman who nicknamed herself Illyria, a witch from Qetsiyah's bloodline. Illyria says as soon as she heard that Silas was freed, she changed her name and never used her powers again, cutting herself away from everything that might lead Silas to finding her. However, after April saved her life and she learned April's ultimate goal, she created a magic talisman for April, which should block Silas' mind powers as long as she wears it.

April also has been in close contact with the founder's council for the past ten years despite not officially working for them. According to a basic handshake deal, as long as April protects Mystic Falls from all kinds of supernatural threats, the council will provide most of her needs.

During an investigation, all witnesses she listened to indicated that "Stefan" had gone mad and killed everyone he ever loved, including his brother, ex-girlfriend, Caroline, Tyler and Matt; along with the remaining three original vampires Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah, causing a global catastrophe.

Season OneEdit

While following a lead on a local murder, April found newly freed Stefan, who at first she confused for her long lost nemesis, Silas. When she found out the truth, she took him in and helped him get better. The two quickly formed a partnership upon their shared hatred and will for revenge against Silas. In time the partnership turns into a strong friendship.


  • April is not affected by Silas' mind powers due to a talisman she's wearing. It is a golden medallion shaped talisman with various engravings, which is given to her by a witch nicknamed Illyria, a descendant of Qetsiyah.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • To reflect the time jump, her character was recast. However, Grace Phipps still portrays the character in flashbacks.

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