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Anita Arnett is a main character in Stefan's Diaries. She is the older sister of Thomas Brook, and daughter of Sheriff Randall Brook. Originally surnamed Brook, Anita took her mother's maiden name, Arnett, after her father killed her fiancé, Brad Phoenix.

Anita is a member of the Brook Family.

Character HistoryEdit

Anita ran a small restaurant just outside Mystic Falls. The income wasn't high, but she liked working there. She was engaged to Brad Phoenix, one of her father's deputies, and was living a modest life.

Although she comes from a Founding family, she was not aware of the supernatural world.

Season OneEdit

Anita's path crossed with Stefan Salvatore, a long lost vampire who was known as the Ripper of Monterey back in his day. Stefan, under the illusion that he is dreaming, killed a dozen people in Anita's restaurant. As the horror she witnessed was too much for Anita to bear, her mind blocked out the incident. Unable to point to the real killer, Anita realized that police will now come for her, and with the help of her fiancé, Brad Phoenix, and her brother, Thomas Brook, she escaped town, until April can prove her innocence.

However, after a week on the run, Anita got tired and wanted to go home. Upon her arrival, she was put in prison until her trial, and she spent most of the season locked away.

The lack of evidence and motive led to charges being dropped. But still, Brad lost his job due to his involvement in her escape. After getting too much to drink, he started beating Anita relentlessly. Seeing no other way to stop him and save his daughter, Sheriff Brook pulled his gun and shot Brad to his death.

In grief and hate, Anita left town until she can find a way to cope with everything she's been through.

Season TwoEdit

Anita turned out to be turned into a vampire, and unable to control her hunger. She attacked Caroline Forbes, without realizing she's a vampire too. Anita later tried to get Caroline to help her and teach her things. Caroline saw herself no fit as a mentor and refused Anita. Anita later got caught by a group of hunters, who have been following a trail of dead people left by an unknown vampire, most likely also the vampire that turned Anita. Believing there must be a reason for the vampire to turn this particular person instead of killing like it did to everyone else, hunters kept her alive to be the bait.

Meanwhile, Anita's sudden absence slowly got Caroline worried, and she started looking for her. Instead of her sire, Caroline ended up finding Anita. She fought off the hunters and saved Anita, but they were stopped by the sire, who turned out to be Brad. He revealed he became a vampire when her father killed him, and it is the best thing that has ever happened to him. However, Anita disagreed and demanded him to undo what he's done to her. But it was impossible.

Brad escaped when the hunters woke up and became outnumbered. Caroline decided to help Anita catch up with him. However, when they did, the confrontation led to violence, which ended with Brad's death. After that, Anita decided to return home to Mystic Falls.

However, more troubles ensue upon her arrival ....


Season ThreeEdit


Season FourEdit


Season FiveEdit


Season SixEdit


Trivia & NotesEdit

  • After her father shoots her fiancee and kills him, Anita refuses to use his surname anymore, and takes her mother's maiden name, Arnett.

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